Knowing the terminology when it comes to window types can save a lot of hassle when trying to communicate what windows you have and what options are available for replacement. The most common window types are:

Single Hung – Single hung windows consist of two sashes. A fixed upper sash which stays in place and a lower sash that slides up and down. These are a more cost effective solution to double hung windows but don’t offer the same amount of ventilation. Single hung windows are a good choice if you plan on installing a window air conditioner.

Double Hung – Double hung windows consist of two sashes like single pane however both the top and bottom slide. They tend to perform just as well as single hung windows when it comes to insulating and keeping moisture out and are also a good choice if you plan to install a window air conditioner. They can be a little pricier than single hung windows but they offer more options for ventilation .

Casement Style Windows – Casement windows have a sash on a door-like hinge which allows for opening and closing outward through a crank. Casement style windows not only provide the best ventilation when open they also close tighter than single hung, double hung or fixed windows. This also makes them one of the best at keeping out air and moisture. One downside to casement style windows is that you cannot install a window air conditioner in them.

Awning Style Windows – Awning style windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They also have a sash that presses close to the frame akin to casement style windows so they closer tighter than double and single hung. They are a great option for smaller openings. They allow quite a bit of air in and can be opened when it’s raining since they will deflect the rain. Awning style windows are usually found in basements and bathrooms.

Hopper Style Windows – Hopper style windows are similar to awning style except the open outward or inward and face up. Like the casement and awning styles the sash presses against the frame creating an extremely tight seal. Hopper style windows are usually installed above other windows to improve ventilation.

Fixed Windows – Fixed windows are strictly used for lighting. They are closed and like their name suggests they are fixed. They cannot be opened or closed and provide zero ventilation. One of the benefits of having a fixed window is customization, you can get decorative glass and framing that isn’t available in other types of windows due to they have to provide a function whereas a fixed window is strictly for aesthetics.