Project Long Beach 6th St – Bathroom Remodel


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Bathroom Remodeling in Long Beach

Project Description

For this bathroom remodel we:

  1. Replace the toilet
  2. Replaced the vanity and sink
  3. Installed new mirrors
  4. Installed new vanity
  5. Installed new lighting
  6. Installed new tile flooring
  7. Re-wired
  8. Re-piped
  9. Painted


Be began this project by removing and recycling the toilet, tile flooring, vanity, sink, mirror and pre-fab shower/tub enclosure.

After the demo work was done we were able to frame a new custom shower/tub enclosure with a niche for soap/shampoo/conditioner as well as a bench for comfort. The client was looking for tile walls so we had to install floating cement and wire mesh at this point as well.

The bathroom also required an electrical and plumbing upgrade so we re-wired everything and installed new piping.

After the electrical passed inspection we were able to install the 4 new LED lights and 2 dimmer switches as well as a new ventilation fan.

Once the electrical work was handled we finished installing the vanity, sink, medicine cabinet, mirror, lighting above mirror, medicine cabinet, tile flooring, tile walls in the shower/tub and toilet.

Finally we painted everything and closed the toilet seat.