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Swimming pools are a hot commodity in Los Angeles homes. Because of the great weather 24/7, many homeowners desire in-ground pools on their property. Supreme Remodeling offers new pool installation that is up to code with the city of Los Angeles.



Installing a Swimming Pool in Los Angeles

One thing many homeowners do not know is that you can’t just put in a pool. It is not that easy. New pool installation in places like Pasadena requires special permits and everything must be done up to the city’s code. Our team of specialized experts will help you obtain blueprints and show you the steps to getting a permit from your city. All of our work is done up to code at the time of installation.

Questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I have the proper amount of room for a pool?

One of the first things you want to ask yourself is if you have an adequate amount of space for an in-ground pool. Pools have to be a certain amount of feet from your home.

2. Do I understand how to care for a pool?

A pool requires weekly, and sometimes daily, maintenance. It is important to research the required work it will take to keep your pool clean and sanitary. You might want to look into hiring a pool company to complete weekly maintenance.

3. What pool option is best for me?

Do you want a chlorine pool or a saltwater pool? There are pros and cons to both.Also, do you want a slide or a diving board? If so, be sure to add that into your budget and make sure you have enough space for them.

4. What permits are required?

Once you have decided you for sure want a pool, you must get with your city to know what type of permits are required for your area. If you’d like more information on calculating permit fees, click here for the Los Angeles permit fee calculator.

5. How will I get blueprints?

Supreme Remodeling can refer you to specialists who can draw your blueprints up for you. They can work with you to draw the pool that works best on your property.

Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools use chlorine tablets, while saltwater pools use chlorine generators. 

Chlorine pools have been the most common pools for the past fifty years. You use chlorine tablets to easily maintain the proper chlorine levels in the water. They are self-stabilizing to prevent chlorine loss from UVA rays. On the down side, chlorine pools require you to fill your chlorine dispenser every week with tablets and the buckets of tablets can be heavy. Because of this, you have to constantly buy buckets of tablets and should also have an area where you can store them. The stabilizer in the chlorine tablets can also build up over time and you might have to periodically drain your pool to get the proper levels.

Saltwater pools do not require chlorine tablets and the salt can provide a soft, smooth feel on your skin. However, these types of pools are more expensive upfront. You must also test and maintain the proper salt and stabilizer levels. In this type of pool, you must regularly add salt bags.

Whichever pool you decide to install, rest easy knowing it will provide entertainment for years to come and add value to your home.

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             Some of our pool services:

  • Re-glaze
  • Expand
  • Cover
  • Pool House
  • New Pool
  • Decking

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When it comes to swimming pools there are tons of different styles, options and choices. If you’re on a hillside you can take advantage of that fact with an infinity pool to give you a full view while you swim. If you’re looking for something more traditional we can install a tile pool, concrete pool, fiberglass or vinyl lined. If you have an odd shaped backyard we can still help. We can make a pool kidney shaped, square, rectangle or any shape to make sure it fits your needs.

Supreme Remodeling INC is not just limited to basic pools either, if your’re looking for a hot tub, water fall feature or even a safety fence for your new pool we can help you with that as well. Need a pool house? We can design and build you something to match you’re home.

We don’t just build new pools either, part of our pool re-plastering service includes:

  • Empty all water.
  • Wiping of old plaster using high pressure water.
  • Demolition of tile if necessary.
  • Installation of new tile.
  • Pour plaster.
  • Sand and smooth plaster.
  • Refill with water.

Having a swimming pool can be great. They’re good for exercise, parties and cooling off on a hot day. If your thinking of building a new pool of have a current one you’d like enclosed, re-glazed or remodeled. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists for a free quote on our swimming pool services.

Call now to schedule a free estimate with our contractors: 877-572-6579

Some of our pool services:

Pool House
New Pool