Knowing what types of window framing options are available is crucial to making a good decision when replacing you windows. There are quite a few custom options available but the basic ones you’ll encounter are:

Wood Frame Windows – Wood frame windows fell in popularity with advent of better vinyl and fiberglass frames, however they are still consider some of the most attractive and a trend seems to be heading back toward them. Although quite a few brands and installers use solid wood there are options that include cladding the wood in aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass for better sealing and easier maintenance. One downside to wood frame windows is that they can warp after time and cause issues with insulation and operating and they require regular painting to keep the appearance up.

Vinyl Frame Windows – Vinyl frame windows tend to be the cheapest in terms of material cost however they also offer the least options, usually come in white and cannot be painted. They tend to perform similarly to wood frame windows. Unlike wood frame windows vinyl frame windows will not warp as easily. If the look suits you these are probably your best choice as far as cost, however the lack of options turns most people off.

Fiberglass Frame – These are the newest framing type available. They are stronger than most other types and use fiberglass needles to embed a plastic frame and make it super strong. Fiberglass frame windows can be painted but it’s not required. They are closer in appearance to wood than vinyl and are greener due to they are made mostly of glass which can be recycled. They are stronger than wood or vinyl frames and have less chance to warp. Another advantage to fiberglass frames is their ‘upscale’ appeal which adds resale value. The only downside can be price, although