Close up of white stone countertop and stove top

Whitestone countertop installed as part of a kitchen remodel by Supreme Remodeling INC.

Counter Surfaces are very important in the kitchen. They not only give the heart of our homes mood and emotion, they dictate how we function in and around them. Quartz and Granite counters are the top 2 choices for our clients, which of these is the one is right for you? 
Quartz Counter-top
Quartz is 95% ground natural Quartz 5% polymer resins. This manufactured material comes in a large selection of colors for counter-tops and easily fits almost every design. Since Quartz is not a stone, it doesn’t require any sealer and is one of the very few counter tops that dont need any maintenance,ever! Having a solid surface you don’t have to worry about maintaining for the rest of its lifetime is a HUGE plus.

Granite Counter-top
Granite Counter-tops are still very popular. The  natural stone with a traditional high-end look is often requested in homes with traditional style.

If you’ve ever visited a slab yard you probably noticed the variation in patterns in the slabs of Granite, this is a very important factor to consider in large areas where a slab will need to be combined. Don’t forget that in order to keep your Granite Counter-tops looking fabulous you will need to have a maintenance regimen. Seal every year, wipe any spills and avoid any habits that may damage it.  

So What’s The conclusion? Quartz appears to be the most popular among our clients. Overall because It’s easier to maintain, longer-lasting, more environmentally friendly and easy to customize. However, it can be pricey depending on the options you choose and the uniqueness of granite remains appealing to many. Consider talking to a professional about your specific needs and visit a supplier before making a final decision, but you really can’t go wrong with either one of these beautiful materials.