Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel | North Hollywood CA

Are looking to get your kitchen ready for the spring?
Do you want to create a perfect spring kitchen using your own budget?

With Spring right around the corner,your looking to improve your kitchen for the spring look. The kitchen is a place where friends and family come and gather for all occasions. Here are 4 easy and helpful tips to create your perfect kitchen!!

1.  Bright color for your kitchen

Looking to give your kitchen that sunny day feeling while enjoying the comfort of your home?

Yellow will brighten your kitchen and help replicate that sunny day right to your own kitchen, you can mix it up with white and if you want to use colors for extra pop, consider using different shades for small details. If your into that texture but don’t want yellow, there are plenty of other options that give you the same spring theme apperance.

2. Kitchen designs using appliances

White is a color that works every season and is a household favorite. It pops more to give your kitchen that welcoming look,and more spaced out but at the same time. Modern kitchen which holds stainless steel appliances adding any kind of backsplash will give you the small pops and color around the kitchen. White blends to any kind of environment so maybe look into getting a wood floor,which give you a amazing mesh and will blend in great.

3.Stylish and spacious kitchen cabinets

Whether your looking to install new cabinets or updating  your cabinets for the upcoming spring season look,your kitchen cabinets need to give off the spring vibe but at the same time be stylish. When people enter your kitchen, the first thing they look at is your cabinets, its important to choose the right style for your kitchen and enhancing your space. When changing your cabinets consider the colors you use, Maple shading will be a big one this year and will be a default color at many homes. If you don’t like maple shading,consider darker finishes.

4.  Countertops 

When considering countertops, customize them to fit in with your kitchen. Marble slabs and wooden butcher blocks is a big hit this year in most homes.  Some homeowners will create a design using concrete with bits of glass.