Modern galley kitchen

A modern galley kitchen remodel.

When it comes to kitchen counters they might not command as much attention as cabinets but they sure get used a lot more. From cutting to prepping to eating our kitchen get abused I more than any other part of the kitchen. Although it’s important to make sure you have the right look and color for your counters it’s equally important to make sure your choosing the right material. If your as lazy as me the last thing you want to be stuck with is a counter that requires regular maintenance like sealing.

Different Types of Kitchen Countertops

Tile – Tile kitchen counters are fairly common. Although most people don’t care too much for the look they are easy to install, inexpensive and can last quite some time. If you do decide to go with tile try to get either no grout or as little grout as possible. The grout in-between kitchen tiles is not only tough to clean but can hold mildew and other yucky things that get mixed into your food when your prepping.

Laminate/Vinyl – Laminate or vinyl kitchen counters are usually the most inexpensive solution and can stand up just as well in most cases to their ‘bigger brother’ options such as tile and granite. One amazing thing about vinyl/laminate is the design choices are basically limitless. Although they won’t last as long as a natural stone like quartz or granite they are definitely the best choice if your on a budget.

Granite – Granite tends to be the go-to choice when it comes to a big budget kitchen. Granite is great, it lasts almost forever and can fit in almost any aesthetic. A big downside to granite is the cost, most people thing they have to go granite just because it’s a ‘hot ticket’ item without looking into the other choices that are less expensive and look just as good. If you plan on staying in your home for some time and are not planning to change your kitchen granite can be a good choice. For most others I would suggest looking at some of the other choices you have on the market especially if you get sticker shock when pricing your counters. Also consider that granite counters will require regular (usually yearly) sealing to keep their color.
Quartz – Quartz counters are giving granite a run for their money. While they are mostly made of naturally found quartz stone they are mixed with other stone and a binding agent to make them more durable. Quartz is pretty much the strongest material you can use for your kitchen counters. They hold up for a lifetime and like granite they require regular sealing to keep them nice. Like I said with granite this choice is one you should only make if you plan on staying with your kitchen for quite some time.

The Others – There are quite a few other uncommon countertop materials I wont delve too much into in this post (I plan on making one for each counter type). Just FYI some of them are stainless steel, glass, recycled glass, and butcher block.