Does your contractor meet industry standards?

Any contractor licensed or unlicensed can smile, shake your hand, acquire building materials and make modifications to your home. However, there are critical differences between a licensed  and unlicensed contractor- and it is important to recognize the difference between the two. Hiring a licensed contractor can save you significant stress, time, money and legal hassle.

Minimize the risk and stress that can come along with remodeling by ensuring that your future contractor meets the following requirements:

þ Registered & Licensed with the CSLB (California State License Board) 

þ Licensed & Insured to Protect both themselves and you

þ Has Passed extensive licensing requirements

þ Publicly listed with Address and license number 

þ Readily provides references

þ Obtains own building permits

þ Provides a thorough bid on the project with a $1,000 OR 10% down payment 

þ Accepts checks and other traceable forms of payment 

Now that you’ve made your checklist its time to Qualify your future contractor!