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Trending Home Improvements

2017 Arrived With  New Trends  in The Home Improvement Industry &  Here Are The Top 3  Kitchen Renovations A bright, open and functional kitchen is what most, if not all home owners desire. Debating between a full on kitchen renovation vs. a refreshing face lift to the existing? Partial Kitchen Remodel Solid oak cabinetry can

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Excitement in Your Shower

Let your sleepiness wash away and wake up feeling pampered and relaxed, It’s like having your own personal rain cloud in your bathroom! Swapping out your ordinary shower head for a wide one that simulates rainfall can turn your daily rinse into a serene escape and ultimate Relaxation If you are anything like me, a

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Quartz Vs. Granite Counter-Tops

Counter Surfaces are very important in the kitchen. They not only give the heart of our homes mood and emotion, they dictate how we function in and around them. Quartz and Granite counters are the top 2 choices for our clients, which of these is the one is right for you?  Quartz Counter-top Quartz is 95%

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