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Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

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If you’re considering a total or partial bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, you can rely on Supreme Remodeling to give you the bathroom design you’re looking for. Our skilled team of experts have several years of experience and are committed to making sure your project gets done quickly and properly.  

The Bathroom Remodeling Process

Our trained specialists know how to properly tear down or rebuild areas of the bathroom for the remodel. After we meet with you to discuss the details of your Los Angeles bathroom remodel, we will go over an estimated time frame for your project. If we need to demo any areas to prepare for things like a new bathroom vanity, we will let you know and get those areas prepared for the new bathroom design. We can suggest different types of flooring for your lifestyle and can give you advice on what materials will be waterproof or water resistant in bathrooms. If you are considering tiled showers, we are knowledgeable on the best types for your particular bathroom. Adding a new bathtub or a new shower is also something we can help you achieve. We can look at the layout of your current space and help you decide the best way to design your new bathroom.

After we have discussed your vision for your bathroom remodel, we will prepare for demolition. Once the area is ready, we will start the bathroom renovationDepending on how big your project is, you can expect your bathroom to be out of commission for a bit. However, we will try our best to accommodate your needs and make your bathroom available if you need it during that time. There are several different things to consider during a complete bathroom redesign and we will be there every step of the way to make sure the process goes smoothly so you can enjoy your updated bathroom as soon as possible.

We specialize in:

• New bathroom vanity
• Bathroom shower or bathtub installation
• New bathroom floors
• Tiled shower
• New countertops
• Vanity and toilet plumbing installations
• Bathroom design

If there are any type of permits we need to obtain for your Los Angeles bathroom remodel, we will let you know in advance and make sure your bathroom gets renovated properly and up to the city code. We know the bathroom design protocol and requirements for all major areas throughout Los Angeles. If you’re interested in more information about permit fees how to calculate click here for the bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles permit fee calculation tool.

Some of the steps involved in remodeling a bathroom are:

  • Upgrading and running new plumbing.
  • Installing new ABS drains for, shower, tub, toilet and sinks.
  • Upgrading electrical.
  • Installing new fan/heat/light combo unit.
  • Installing LED lights.
  • Installing GFI outlets.
  • Framing, hot mopping building area for shower pan and tub.
  • Pass city inspection.
  • Installing tile on tub & shower walls
  • Installing tile on shower floor.
  • Installing tile bathroom floor.
  • Installing a new vanity.
  • Installing all bathroom fixtures: Tub, sink, faucet, toilet, shower faucet, and shower trim.
  • Patch, prime and paint walls.

Our professionals will keep you involved throughout the entire process, so you feel confident in the work they are doing and the outcome of your dream bathroom in Los Angeles.

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