A bathroom is a quiet place where privacy and cleanliness is of the utmost concern. There are quite a few things to consider when remodeling your bathroom some of the most important in my opinion are:

Toilets – There’s not an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom. But there are certain considerations you’ll want to make. Including the size, height and placement. This will probably be the easiest decision when it comes to your bathroom. Just keep in mind that a toilet can account for up to 30% of a homes water cost. So some good research and smart shopping will pay dividends if your facing high water bills.

Bathtubs & Showers – The defining feature of a bathroom is the bathtub and or shower. Choosing between prefab and custom can be difficult. While the cost of building a custom tub or shower can be high. It can be the best option for smaller areas. If your going prefabricated your stuck with the standard sizing and mostly acrylic options. Custom allows you to choose any kind of wall and flooring material that fits the need and look your going for. It also allows you to chose a custom nozzle configuration which can make life easier if someone in the home is taller or smaller than average. Regardless of what material or layout you choose make sure it’s comfortable and suits your daily needs.

Vanities – There are three main parts that make up a bathroom vanity. The sink, counter top and cabinet. If you have a bowl sink there’s good chance you’ll have a full drawer and an actual cabinet underneath. With an under-mount sink there’s a good chance you’ll have very little under cabinet space. You can get any type of countertop you want from stainless steel to tile but its a good idea to look at the different types and find something moisture resistant since you wont have to worry about scratches and heat like in the kitchen.  If possible it’s best to avoid using wood or any other organic material in your bathroom at all. It can be a breading ground for rot and mold since bathrooms get very warm and very moist.

Bathroom Flooring – Flooring in a bathroom presents an interesting challenge. Like a kitchen you need something that will resist stains and be easy to clean. Unlike the kitchen making sure it’s got good traction when wet and wont get too cold are bigger considerations. There are two very common floor types when it comes to the bathroom ceramic tile and vinyl. The only serious downside to ceramic tile is the grout and while you can go groutless it’s still one of the colder options. The upside is its durable, easy to clean and cost effective. Vinyl is another good choice. Unlike tile it will absorb the radiant heat from the shower so it’s warmer. It’s also very cost effective and can be laid in sheets or tiles. Radiant heating can be added to tile and other types of flooring but can be costly. Cork is a good option for bathrooms. It’s soft, mold resistant, easy to customize so it can fit practically any style and stays nice and warm.

Bathroom Ventilation – Ventilation in a bathroom is crucial since they are hot spots for mold and other fungi. It’s important to either have a window or a large, strong ventilation fan to make sure you don’t suffer from any mold or other issues. A fan can be noisy and most people prefer a window however if you have to have a vent fan make sure to keep the shaft clean and free of debris and the fan free from dust. A good vent fan properly installed is always well worth the investment.

Other considerations –  Although bathrooms aren’t used as much as other rooms in the home they can be very costly. From heating the water for a shower to wasting water when you flush the toilet. All these little things add up on your water bill and could be cut significantly without sacrificing water pressure or any other comforts such as full force flushing on the toilet. It’s worth it to consider things like tankless water heaters and water saving shower heads when remodeling or working on a bathroom.