Project Glendale – Glenwood – Interior and Exterior Renovation


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Project Description

This project is a complete interior and exterior home renovation that included:

Extensions of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
Pool re-plaster.
Wood flooring installation.
Interior painting.
Window replacement.
Complete kitchen remodel.
Complete bathroom remodel.
Lighting installation.
Plumbing installation.
Outdoor kitchen installation.

This project began with our company’s architect meeting the client to design their planned master suite addition, garage extension / conversion and living room extension. All projects were done concurrently. After a few meetings we were able to come up with a design and plan that made everyone happy. With the plan ready we sent it off to the city for approval.
With the city approved plans in hand we started demolition and trenching. We were then able to start installing the footing and foundations. This process involves framing, installing and bolting re-bar, pouring the concrete, letting the concrete cure and finally removing the framing. This ensures the strong and stable foundation all of our the planned additions and extensions require. Once we completed the foundations the next step was to build the wood framing, install the windows and doors finishing with the roof. All of our extensions and additions used a flat, torch down roof that included metal flashing around all the pipes and vents. The electrical work included wiring, installation of outlets / switches, a smoke detector and an exhaust fan. The plumbing work for the master bathroom required running and attaching a drain line to the existing one, running pipes and installing copper lines / ABS drains. We also moved the washer and dryer to a new location which required running a new gas line, plumbing and electrical. To finish our additions and extensions we installed insulation, drywall, flooring, tile, a vanity, baseboards, a faucet, a bathroom sink, a toilet and a bathtub. Finally we built and framed a walk in closet that required painting and installation of a shelving.