Project Van Nuys – Costello – Bedroom Addition

Project Van Nuys – Costello – Bedroom Addition

Addition and Remodel

Project Description

This project was an addition and remodel which involved:

  • A single story 297 SQFT addition
  • Extending a master bedroom.
  • Extending a master bathroom.
  • Addition of a new hallway.
  • Addition of new walk in closet in master bedroom.
  • Complete bathroom remodel.

We started this project with a series of meeting between ourselves, the client and our architect. After a few meeting we had a plan and we’re ready to start with the demolition and recycling. Along with the demolition work we had to remove some soil and debris to prepare for a new foundation and footings.

After we were done with the demolition, soil and footing prep we completed the framing for the new addition. With the framing completed we started with the roof of the addition which involved; applying felt paper, metal roof flashing, and installing shingle roofing to match what was existing on the home.

With the new roofing completed we started the installation of 5 new energy efficient windows, 2 interior doors, a pocket door and a glass / vinyl sliding door.

We finished installing the windows and doors then moved onto the electrical work. The electrical work was extensive but not complicated. We installed 2 aluminum skylights, 16 recessed LED lights, 12 switches, 11 outlets, 2 smoke/CO2 detectors, and an exhaust fan with occupancy sensor. We also ran wiring for 7 new interior and exterior light fixture points.

The plumbing came next. Plumbing was completed very quickly we we’re able to; run new drain lines, new plumbing for the bathroom and install new “L” type copper lines.

With the major work done we moved into the “odds and ends” things. We installed  an entire new 4-ton HVAC unit, new insulation and new drywall. We re-stuccoed and painted the entire exterior of the home. We installed new matching flooring in the hallway and master bedroom. We installed new tile in the bathroom floors and on the bathroom walls up to the ceiling. Finally we painted the entire interior of home and finished installing the new bathroom fixtures and invited the city to inspect.