Project Los Angeles – Clarkson – General Construction

Project Los Angeles – Clarkson – General Construction

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Complete Renovation and Addition

Project Description


Project Clarkson is:

  1. A complete 1,750 SQFT home remodel
  2. Construction of a new 800+ SQFT second story addition
  3. Building a new deck/patio cover
  4. Construction of a retaining wall
  5. Construction of a new exterior staircase
  6. A 500+ SQFT basement remodel

This project began with a meeting between the client and our architect. After sorting out all the details and getting an approved plan we began with demolition and recycling. Once everything was clear we were able to install the temporary fencing and toilet facility. After the fence and toilet were in we moved into reinforcing the foundation so it could withstand the weight of the planned addition.


The next stage of the addition was the framing. We started with reframing the existing 580+ SQFT basement. When that was completed we built up 800+ SQFT of wood framing for the new addition along with reframing some of the interior for the floor plan changes.


With the framing in place we were able to start installing a new 200 AMP panel with sub-panel, new smoke / C02 detectors, exhaust fans with occupancy sensors, new outlets and new switches. We also installed all the electrical wiring, switches etc… for the new addition area.

Once all the electrical is in we move onto the plumbing work which involved running a new main line copper line to the city meter, running copper for all the plumbing points in the kitchen, bathrooms and hose bibs.


With plumbing and electrical tackled we installed insulation in the walls and ceiling throughout the house and the new addition, we started installing all the drywall, sandblasted the stucco and installed new tile roofing. After that we remodeled the front porch, re-stucco the exterior, prepared a 220+ SQFT open patio area and installed 220+ SQFT of paving.


We moved on from there to the basement remodel which included a bathroom remodel as well as finishing the electrical, drywall, plumbing and tile. Then we remodeled the entire first floor including a kitchen and 2 bathrooms.