Hillside Landscaping Los Angeles

Hillside Landscaping Los Angeles

Hillside Landscaping Los Angeles

Hillside landscaping in Los Angeles is a tough job. A lot more goes into a hillside landscaping project than you might think. It involves more than just building a few walkways, planting some trees, installing some flowerbeds and calling it a day. One needs to have an understanding of soil reporting, retaining walls and general experience working on a hillside. Without these things a hillside landscaping project can go south fast.

A soil report will tell a landscaper what type of soil exists at different depths. This is crucial to knowing how deep to dig when building supports for decks, patios, retaining walls and pretty much anything that supports or holds back weight. Without a soil report you could easily cause a landslide or collapse when building.

Knowing how to build a retaining wall is important. Most hillside landscaping projects in Los Angeles involve a retaining wall of some sort. A retaining wall basically holds back dirt. They can be huge, retaining a tons of dirt to create a space to build or they can be as small as 6” to hold a garden back from a sidewalk. Regardless of the size it’s important to have a landscaper that knows retaining walls if you’re on a hillside. Retaining walls can be built out of railroad ties, wood, concrete, etc.…

Having the wrong landscaper landscape your hillside can be disastrous. Bad hillside landscaping can lead to damage to you and or your neighbors’ homes, damage to public property, injury or worse. An inexperienced hillside landscaper could cost you thousands in damages.

Supreme Remodeling INC. has over 20 years of experience hillside landscaping in Los Angeles. We have experienced experts that know how to work around and or modify these situations in order to get you the landscaping you want rather than the one you’re ‘stuck’ with.

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